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When couples get stuck, Dr Johnson’s work has shown that couples end up in one of 3 basic conflictual patterns.  These patterns are common to some degree in all marriages but in stable marriages, partners recognize the misstep and adjust their participation in the relationship to be more available.  The three basic patterns that couples get stuck Continue Reading

Affairs reek havoc on relationships, and leave devastation in their wake that make the victim often complain of feeling like a fool.   It takes time but in order for the victim to recover adequately, they have to come to the place of accepting that “trust”, ulitimate trust that is necessary to be married is not Continue Reading

National Friendship Day

I cannot tell you how many times, clients come to my office not having developed a support network of friends.  Would you like not having to pay for a therapist?  Would you like to have a therapeutic relief of your feelings around issues you face?  And have all of it available much more readily than Continue Reading

Softer feelings help our partner hear our voice, our person, in a way that the larger, harsher feelings do not.  Are you hurting, lonely, sad?  Specific feelings along this line help you talk about your needs & be less blaming of your partner.  On the positive side, tell your spouse when you feel special.  Try Continue Reading