After the Affair: Feeling like a Fool

Affairs reek havoc on relationships, and leave devastation in their wake that make the victim often complain of feeling like a fool.   It takes time but in order for the victim to recover adequately, they have to come to the place of accepting that “trust”, ulitimate trust that is necessary to be married is not foolish.  What kind of relationship is it where one has to keep tabs on the other spouse?  When we got married we gave them everything at that alter, and trusted them with our whole heart.  There is no such thing as getting married without that whole hearted commitment.  That trust is what makes it possible to relax and enjoy the relationship in a way that is not possible before that permanent commitment.  So, are we foolish to trust that much?  Absolutely, given that nobody is 100% trustworthy because we’re all 100% human, but that is what makes marriage an amazing adventure, and the love so powerful.  In the end, we trust in spite of each other’s flaws, trusting that their mistakes are honest mistakes in the end. Simply said, no relationship is perfectly safe, and we should do our best to sustain & protect the love we share, but it is never foolish to love all the way.  It’s not until you’ve lived in the joy of having loved all the way that you realize you are free of the pain of every weakness.  How can that be foolish?  Stay tuned, we’ll talk more about securing love in an imperfect relationship in weeks to come, and affair proving your love as much as anyone can.

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