Couples Counseling

Nothing is more crushing than the blows that occur to our marriage – sometimes from within, sometimes from without. The latest research has created new, scientifically proven methods for creating intimacy, and healing the wounds that trouble many marriages.  We know the things that disrupt and the ways to intervene, and have special certified training in these methods.

Always seek a trained marriage and family therapist for couples issues. If we are not the best fit for you, we will help you find another qualified professional.


Finding the path when life beats you down can be hard. Everyone goes through difficult times. A listening ear and an encouraging word can help you find your way again. Depression is the most diagnosed disorder in the world of mental health.  There are established treatments to help individuals & families recover from the devastating that can accompany severe cases.  Depression is a natural part of the grief process, and we have resources from self help to therapy to support the natural healing process.


In Person Office Fees:

Daytime Hours (8am to 4pm): $100

Evening Hours (Mon & Wed from 4pm to 8pm): $125

Weekend  (Sat 8am – 2pm; Mon or Wed 8pm to 9pm): $140  (Insurance not accepted for Weekend/Afterhours)

Online Fees:

Weekday Sessions:  $100/session:

Saturday Appointments: $140/session

Low Income Program:

Individual session start @ $30  & Couple/Family Sessions start @ $40.  Fees are negotiable base on application for financial considerations.



We accept some major insurance plans as well as many others. Call to see which insurances are accepted. We offer a low income program which you may qualify for by providing financial information. We accept cash, check or credit cards for payment of fees and co-pays.

We accept most HSA, FSA, and other medical spending plans that use credit cards.  MENTAL HEALTH IS CONSIDERED A MEDICAL EXPENSE AND YOU MAY USE YOUR HEALTH SAVINGS FOR OUR SERVICES.