Abuse Grief Part 2: Isolation & Trust

            The most common thing said in groups dealing with sexual abuse is that it each person never thought they would find someone who had also been sexually abused. Each situation is different but there is a commonality of the trauma that was inflicted and the after effects. Feeling isolated, that no one else knows what it is like to feel how you feel makes the world a scary place. Even though there is a desire to find someone to help you there is the fear that they could hurt you too.

Trust is never really easy even without the trauma of sexual abuse but having been hurt so badly walls are built to protect. These walls help to provide comfort and safety and usually keep all things out – good and bad. Knowing who to trust is not a simple process and not everyone is going to be trustworthy. Taking your time to find people you can safely confide in is worth the effort. Trying therapy and support groups is a good place to start as there is confidentiality in those places. Also in groups you can find others who are experiencing similar emotions and learn how to work through your trauma with support. That leads to the tricky area of expressing emotions and trusting how you feel.

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