Our calling is to help others find unity within themselves, within their families, and within the communities that they live.

Triune Counseling Services is based on a rich tradition of the warmest, life-changing experiences of the Christian faith. Our counselors are committed to helping others find the Spirit within themselves to live life fully and with a passion that embraces the best in us all. We promote a solution-focused approach to therapy that emphasizes the compassionate support of each individual’s motivations and goals, while fostering healing, health and wholeness.


Michael B. Taylor, MDiv, LMFT

Triune Counseling Services, PLLC is located at:

13000 Equity Place, Ste 106 Louisville, KY 40233

Phone: 502.387.8802 Fax: 502.

Email: taylorlmft@msn.com

In the mental health field for over 40+ years.

Specializing in:
Emotionally-focused couples therapy (EFT)
Solution-focused therapies for adult survivors of trauma, and adult depression.