Monthly Archives: July 2013

Emotions are a powerful foundation to most of our experience, often driving us when we don’t realize it.  EFT works with a couple or family to introduce a heart-felt understanding to their experiences.  We look behind the pain, loss, despair or desparation to help each person convey the core of their feelings that drive these experiences.  Continue Reading

Parenting Mistakes

I see parents who come in feeling distraught & shamed over their child’s acting out & struggles.  This is especially hard when these behaviors have come as a result of mistakes we make.  After over 30 years of working with parents of teens, I have seen parents struggle with these issues because they don’t realize Continue Reading

Anger Management

Anger is one of the hardest things to do in marriage, and while the feelings are normal, it rarely conveys the needed emotion or vulnerability to connect.  Often anger is the result of deep woundedness, & when it comes out in a venting way, tends to be hostile, blaming and argumentative, denying the very access to our Continue Reading


Many couples get stuck in a cycle of negativity & even harshness.  We are often protecting ourselves from the pain underneath those harsh & ugly feelings.  Getting back to who we were as a couple requires discussing the feelings behind anger & bitterness as a path to reconnecting and “feeling each other”.  My angry clients Continue Reading