Healing Hearts, Restoring the Mind, Breathing New Life Into the Souls of Our Clients

Triune Counseling services is committed to building the bonds that strengthen and fulfill our lives, unite us in unity, help us believe in ourselves, and restore our wounded hearts. So many things tug at our lives, and even the wonderful things can at times become a burden and add pressure.

Our treatment addresses issues for couples, families and individuals in solution-focused, empathetic counseling. For those difficult marital issues we practice the empirically researched Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy to help alleviate the isolation, lonliness, sadness and anxeity that can come with the loss of connection with our spouse whatever the reasons. Being able to feel safe again, and touch the deep feelings & experiences that are most important to you will allow that old spark of hope & comfort to return. Seeing your spouse open up and let you in again, can create a second honeymoon in your heart not unlike the early days of romance. Call us if we can help and check out our self help page whether you see us or not.

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