Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy Part 1

Emotions are a powerful foundation to most of our experience, often driving us when we don’t realize it.  EFT works with a couple or family to introduce a heart-felt understanding to their experiences.  We look behind the pain, loss, despair or desparation to help each person convey the core of their feelings that drive these experiences.  Those big feelings are often driven by very specific, concrete feelings & needs, that rarely get heard, understood, or realized in our connections.  Without exploring these strong, sometimes primative dynamics, our personal injuries can drive us & our partners into cycles of reaction & detachment.  EFT gently helps spouses to open their world up, safely, slowly to their loved one, while helping each one create a safe warmth to allow their love to be fully expressed.  Want to know more about the research behind these methods, check out Sue Johnson’s bestseller: Hold Me Tight.

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