Abuse Victims Group

Trauma Therapy Group ($20/session on Tuesdays @ 7pm)   Contact Jeni @ 468-4338

Have you experienced sexual, physical or emotional abuse? Have you ever considered yourself to be a Survivor?

 Sexual, physical and emotional abuse is damaging and isolating. If you have experienced any of these, you are not alone. In this group it is about making connections with others who are struggling with the same issues as you even if their experience is not identical to yours. One group member recently said that coming to group is a place where “I can take off the mask and be myself”. Issues such as self-blame, expressing emotions, being allowed to be angry, sexual and emotional boundaries, and using your voice to be yourself are all topics covered plus many more.

Being a Survivor

A new member once said that she had never considered herself a “survivor” before. Being a survivor means to carry on despite hardships or trauma or remaining alive after an event in which others have died. You may not feel like you have survived your abuse, but in this group you can join with others who are learning what it feels like to be a survivor.

The Recovery Process

The recovery process resembles a slinky. You start at the bottom and as you go up the path towards recovery you learn new coping skills for the issues dealing with your life experiences. As you go around the loops you will come across some of the same issues again but this time having learned new tools to be equipped to respond differently than the time before.